Investments, AI.
We scan stocks market for best investments and trading opportunities
What we provide
We offer service which allows to keep your portfolio profitable and up-to-date with market

The best solution

We help investors and traders gain an edge over the market and consistently make a profit with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can rely not only on human brains, but also on our automated and intelligent Power ML's predictions to support your investment/trading decisions.

Daily market data

We scan the market on a daily basis and provide you with analytical information that will allow you to make middle-term trade decisions. This way you could keep your portfolio of 20-30 promising stocks up-to-date with market and ensure nice overall profit.

Optimal trades

You will be able to select a couple of good stocks to add to your portfolio on daily basis using our suggestions. Several AI models will be used to predict moments of higher-than-usual probability of certain stocks movement.